Applications of Marketing Analytics in Various Industries

Applications of Marketing Analytics in Various Industries

World facts state that over $1 Trillion is the global expense for marketing. This includes various social media platforms, printed advertisements, emails, etc. Marketing is one of the most mammoth and significant professions.

Marketing analytics, on the other hand, works as the multitudinous backing of the venture. It is a global analytical feature that provides the result for the various marketing initiatives of companies and whether or not they were celebrated.

What is marketing analytics?

A detailed explanation of the inquiry will be comprehensively theoretical. Marketing analytics software presents how well the latest business and marketing strategies have done in the global market. It finds a schematic pattern in the data attained. This helps the company to understand which products have been more appreciated by customers and juxtapose the rest.

The data collected also displays the positive influence from several marketing channels such as social media platforms, blogs, and email marketing. Thus comparison analysis becomes an act of ease. It as well highlights the problems faced in different marketing approaches suggesting measures to prevent further glitches.

The Applications of marketing analytics in various Industries

As we now know CRM is a software which helps the sports organizations in developing and managing their relationship with the fans. Following are the ways in which CRM helps in Sports Marketing analytics:


The Hospitality Industries

Marketing Analytics plays a mammoth role in making the crowd-puller for the hotel industries. It acts as a multipurpose aid in understanding the customers, improving marketing tactics, live statistics of occupancy rate, and the output received. These help the restaurant owners to predict the types of cuisine most likely to be ordered as and according to the prevailing weather. It is advantageous as analytics help in reducing power consumption without any incontinence to the guest. Shows the index of occupancy and hence aiding the reservation department to decide the ideal price. Several applications which have gained far and wide appreciation help in processing these analytics. The SAS Hospitality analytics solution provides stats from digital marketing to customer loyalty. Revenue management and price analytics are also added to the count. Neburain Business analytics provides one single comparative study of sales, profits, losses, and operational planning. One of the biggest hospitality chains of the globe - Marriott International Inc., generated a revenue of $13 billion in the year 2013. The Marriott with Group pricing optimizer improved its revenue collection number when compared with the previous years. The software helped in diversifying the fixed price strategy according to trends and locations.


The Medicine Industries

The Medicine Industry, aided by analytics, has made a long jump and is now known to be the most prominent venture. The running of it depends upon extensive remedial treatment aided by specialized equipment. The big data and analytics tools help get a framework output of diagnosis, procedures, and ways of improving services. Wrist bands and wearable surveillance techniques provide the necessary information such as the proper obedience towards the prescription or if the specified diet and routine are followed. The compiled data gives an overview to the experts of the patient's health and well-being. The collected information presents a rather deep, comprehensive, and factually correct analysis compared to the in-person meets, which are based on guess works. The public health departments get an idea by having a look at the analytics and big data about food safety while inspecting. Scientists and analyzers consider this data to determinate disease patterns at specific locations and high-risk facilities too. Various platforms analyze the data with utmost precision, present the probable pattern within it, and provide suggestions for improvement. It helps hospital managers to decrease the waiting time for consultancy and provide high-quality care.



From calculating the average expense rates of building materials around the globe to the probable time required to complete a project, data analytics has become a major part of the construction industry. When professional experts analyze the revenue generated, reviews and ratings, and the prolonged value of customers, they get a better insight into the drowning as well as flying components of the business. Better than this, the analytics provided by big data gives an idea about the best place for upcoming projects as per the latest trends and construction requirements. Certain projects demand installing sensors into buildings or bridges. These collect data as well and present it for analysis. A concrete construction company named Dayton Superior supplies building materials around the globe. It faced problems in offering transparency in selling prices, especially when the company representatives did not know the cost prices in their respective cities. The business decided to use analytics based on geographical data to resolve discrepancies in prize resolution. This manner of prize determination resolved the issue within the time frame of a month. The inconsistencies were reduced, and better offers were presented before customers in sync with their locations and situations. Thus the company has experienced hassle-free prize determination ever since.


Banking Sector

The Banking Industry is often not considered the tech-savvy field, yet recently companies have been changing the scenes with analytics. The Bank of America, for its aid, has manufactured an Artificial Intelligence named ERICA. It allows the customers to view their account status, banking history, and transactions through predictive analysis and language processing. She as well provides customers with reminders about upcoming bills. The most brilliant fact about this virtual assistance being that ERICA can improve itself with each transaction. According to the Bank of America, after studying the timely habits of people, it will be able to provide them with banking suggestions as well. Big data's most important and efficient aid is said to be easy tracking of transactions and funds, thus, mineralizing chances of fraud. A machine model built by Quantum Black successfully detected $100000 in fraudulent transactions in the very first week of its work.


Retail Industry

Retail is one of the biggest service-oriented markets. Hence, the seller must provide the customer with their demands. If failed to do so, the purpose of service will collapse, and so will the profit. Big Data and Analytics aid the retailer to predict the demands and calculate the satisfaction levels of the customers. It ensures their return with further needs and demands. 62% of retailers found the profits to be positive by using information and analytics (according to a study by IBM). The tactics include fulfilling business needs before others. After this, the analytics figure out those essentials and support them with statistics. If taking real-life examples, analytics help retailers to track the records of valued customers and keep customers in store for longer periods. The predictions according to seasons enable a retailer to order his stock of seasonal requirements before the customers arrive for purchasing it. Stock like seasonal fruits, grains, gears, etc.



Data and analytics are the biggest factors to improve the journey time and success. The best example would be The London Transport system which keeps statistics handy to provide maps of the journey to the customers and manage unprecedented situations on the way. Representatives work efficiently on the number of people on board and suggest taking buses to reduce the distance to the destination. Analytics and indexes do a significant job in railways as well. Technical sensors provide life information about the break mechanism of trains, speed, probable covering mileage, and other information. This information is then studied to look for significant patterns and areas of improvement. An index of one hundred trains covering the database of a year will produce 200 billion data points a year. This data is useful for tracking down multiple equipment failures and other glitches. This may also help determine whether the trains are to be run or suspended for a certain period. Thus the transportation industry can also be viewed as the best profession for data science.


Entertainment Industry

The dominant sector of the Entertainment Industry is one of the major statistical examples of data and marketing analytics. The constant insight needs to be tracked of what the population is liking and admiring and what stories aren’t getting that much attention. Consistency of ‘the show must go on’ requires constant analysis of content that is provided. Let us take the example of Netflix. The bull of OTT platform uses traditional strategic tools for storing mass chunks of information. This provides insights into what the viewers wish to see and what improvements can be made in the content. Moreover, specific content for specific viewers can be promoted accordingly as per geographical locations. This as well helps in improving the revenue generated. In the music industry as well, Spotify has made a big reach with its marketing strategies. The revolutionary idea of presenting ads about the weird streaming habits of listeners made it reach the big league. This adds to the wish list for the target audience as many users have dissimilar genres in their playlists.


Hence, there can no longer be a debate over the importance of Data and its varied application use. It has facilitated the marketing strategies of the companies and made them reach the tabletop. It can be considered as the major driving force and improvement analyzer behind every marketing initiative. The CMOs are putting approximately 11% of their budget in analytics and surveys. The companies which lack this trend have been facing severe deterioration in profits as compared to those who invest in analytics.