Top Marketing Analytics Courses in India

Top Marketing Analytics Courses in India

If you prefer to obtain an online knowledge of marketing analytics, the below mentioned are some good courses that you can easily access with a good Wi-Fi or internet connection and a gadget to use it on.

Sorted by - Duration

  • 0-3 MONTHS


This course is for three months, it takes place completely online, and it takes place on Udacity. The cost of this course is 47,967 rupees.

  1. Marketing analytics

This course is offered by NPTEL, IIT Kharagpur. The duration of this course is twelve weeks, and it takes place online completely.  The cost of this course is 1,000 rupees.

  1. Leading with Marketing analytics and Right Data

Offered by the Indian School of Business, it takes place over the duration of the course is three weeks, and it takes place online completely. The cost of this course is 75,000 +GST

  • 3-6 MONTHS

  1. PGP in Marketing analytics

This course is offered by Amity future academy. The duration of this course is around 3-6 months. This course again takes place entirely online and the cost to attend this course is 155000 rupees.

  1. MicroMasters Program in Marketing Analytics

This course is offered on the EdX platform. EdX is an educational site that collaborates with top universities from around the world to provide people with quality education. The courses are run by the department in the University itself and offer world-class education at a very affordable price. The span of this course is four months. The course is again conducted fully online, and the cost of the course is 65,530 rupees.

  1. Advanced Power in AI-Powered Marketing

This course is being provided on TalentSprint. The course is being taught by IIM Calcutta. The course duration is six months, and it takes place both online and holds in-person classes in Kolkata. The fee for this course is 336,000. To get more details, it is advised that you visit the website of IIM Calcutta to get the accurate fee structure for in-person classes.

  • Self – paced

  1. Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization

This course is offered by Coursera.  Taught by Emory University in the United States of America. Emory University is a private university in Atlanta, Georgia. The acceptance rate for this university is 16%. It's considered to be one of the leading institutions in the United States of America. The best part about this program is that it's free and is Self-paced. The course is entirely online and is available to anyone interested in this field.

  1. Marketing analytics

This course is offered by Udemy. This is also a self-paced course and is taught by the teachers at the Udemy academy. This platform has a huge reputation for coding and related classes and would definitely help in the data interpretation analysis of this entire program. It is significant to gain a sound understanding of how data is interpreted in this field to become a good marketer.

  1. Marketing Analytics

This course is available on Coursera and is taught by the University of Virginia. This is a public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia. The acceptance rate for the university is 24%. It is also one of the best universities in the country, and this course would be really helpful to anyone trying to expand their knowledge in this field. This course is available for free on this site. Coursera, like EdX, is a multi-university platform that caters to a range of topics to learn from, featuring some of the best universities from around the world. This course is also completely online and is self-paced, giving the user complete control over the speed they would like to tackle the course. This is specifically useful as people have different rates of learning and adjusting.

  1. Data Analytics for marketing

This course is being given out by IIM Kozhikode. IIMs are one of the best chains of institutes in the world for management. Hence this course is an eye-catcher. This course, however, is a paid one. The user would have to pay approximately 165,000 exclusives of GST to attend this course. This course is online, so the students would not have to be bothered with attending the university. The span of this course is 10 months and is not self-paced.

  1. Digital Marketing and analytics

This course is again offered by IIM Kozhikode. IIM Kozhikode is situated in the beautiful state of Kerala. This course is again an online course with the duration being ten months. The course offered is again not free and comes with a fee of 165000 exclusives of GST, same as the course that was mentioned above.

Customer Analytics

This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania. The course is rated to be one of the best c courses to be taken out there, with a whooping rating of 4.6/5.  The instructors guiding you through this course are – Peter Fader, Eric Bradlow,  Ron Berman, Raghu Iyengar.

This course provides the student with a very detailed overview of how to make sound and well-informed decisions in business. IT also takes you one step forward by introducing you to the theory of customer analytics. This course is taught by the best business school professors – Wharton. All the professors mentioned earlier are teaching at this highly accredited university. They will be responsible for providing you with customer analytics, predictive analytics, descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and their practical application in the real world.

Applying Data Analytics in Marketing

This course is offered by the University of Illinois. This course has been given a public rating of 4.4/5. The instructor for this particular course is Sung Won Kim. We already know that the application of data analytics in Marketing helps managers and businessmen to identify the important foundations where data analytics can be applied into the real world into real-world challenges. This course is particularly tailored by this professor, so at the end of this course, one must be able to understand the basic idea to identify the perfect analytic tool for particular needs; understand reliable ways to collect, analyze data, and visualize data and then utilize that data for making decisions.

Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals

This course is again offered by the University of Illinois. Given a rating of whooping 4.66/5. The instructor for this particular case is Kevin Hartman. Marketing analytics, in practice, is built on the theory and foundations of marketing analytics. This online course solely focuses on the real-world application of analytics by pulling the veil of the much-dreaded topic of data interpretation. It is always considered a fantasy when marketers talk about data interpretation. This course aims to quash those ideas and give the marketers the weapons needed to tackle this problem without the help of IT professionals. This course will teach the art of data visualization with the much needed artful use of numbers found in the digital data space. Offered by the University of Illinois, this course is part of the iMBA.

Marketing Analytics: Products, distribution and sales

This course is offered by UC BerkeleyX. This course is instructed by a renowned professor- Stephan Sorger. This course will teach the students to apply advanced analytics concepts, which mainly consist of decision tree methodology and conjoint analysis to deduce the ways to distribute and sell your offerings to consumers. Marketing analytics: product, Distribution and Sales will teach a professional how to apply conjoint analysis and identify the product features in demand with the customers. It is a very useful course when you are trying to improve the sales of your product. This would help your target the exact demographic where the sales of your product would skyrocket. This will be based on data deduction, which is extremely reliable instead of bluffing and hoping that you're shot lands in the dark.

Marketing Analytics: Marketing Measurement Strategy

This course is again offered by the same University as mentioned above- UC BerkeleyX. The instructor for this course is Stephan Sorger. This course will focus on teaching you how to precisely execute market sizing, identify market trends- which is essential to boost product sale and if and when the company is planning for an upgrade, and also t predict future conditions for the market- which is essential when a company is deciding to launch a new product in the market, this would help in predicting how well the said product will do in the market and how what kind of tweaks would help in boosting the sale of this particular product. At the end of this course, the student/ professional is expected to know or to have grasped the knowledge and skills that are vital to immediately see practical benefits in the workplace. This course is especially useful for people who work in product-based industries and want to learn how to boost the sales of their particular products.